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barriers get in the way.

Access Top-Tier Talent from Latin America
with GovValue

Knowledgeable IT 
Consultants at 
your Fingertips

With the on-going talent shortages and rigorous internal HR processes, US companies are now, more than ever, seeking nearshore technical support. We’re proud to give you access to the following talented professionals.


Front-End, Back-End & Full-Stack

Benefit from a highly qualified and versatile team of software developers to boost your IT projects. Our developers bring a wealth of expertise in various tech stacks.


Mobile Developers

Turn your mobile app ideas into reality with our team of developers. Whether it’s crafting seamless user interfaces for fascinating experiences, implementing robust back-end functionalities for performance, or mastering the complete mobile development field, our experts deliver excellence.


Data Engineers, Data Scientists,
Data Architectures & Machine Learning

Extract meaningful insights through advanced analytics and turn your data into a strategic asset to solve complex problems.


Experience seamless collaboration between development and operations with our dedicated team of DevOps engineers. Whether it’s streamlining workflows to automating deployment processes, our experts ensure a continuous and efficient software delivery pipeline.

Quality Assurance

QA & Testers

Certified Expertise in software quality assurance tailored to your needs. Our team ensures that each project meets the highest standards of quality, efficiency, and performance through 
a rigorous series of testing practices.

Project Management

PMOs, Scrum Masters 
& Business Analysts

Streamline processes to make 
informed decisions in an 
agile environment.

A Rigorous
Screening Process

A Commitment to Excellence

It is our priority to deliver top-tier talent to our clients. Our screening process is meticulously designed to ensure that our consultants meet your unique requirements.


Our process begins with a comprehensive evaluation of the candidate’s resume, 
skills, relevant experience, and English 
language proficiency.

Interview with GovValue

Candidates then undergo a detailed interview with our internal experts. This step delves deeper into their technical proficiency, problem-solving skills, and overall communication skills.

Client Interview

We understand the importance of your direct involvement in the selection process. Candidates who successfully pass our internal vetting process, then proceed to a client interview. This step ensures that they align not only with our standards but also with your specific project requirements and culture.

Decision Making

Your input is invaluable in our decision-making process. We collaborate with you to gather feedback and insights. This collaborative approach enables us to make informed decisions that guarantee the perfect fit for the project.

We are passionate about our work and inspired by our team

Why Nearshore Outsourcing?

It is about creating a team that seamlessly integrates with your goals and vision. Let us do the heavy lifting.

Cultural Affinity

Proximity leads to similar time zones, cultural understanding, and common business practices, making communication and collaboration effortless.

Time Zone Convenience

Shared time zones facilitate real-time collaboration, reducing delays in communication and project delivery.

Cost-Effective Solutions

Significant cost savings without compromising quality. Our Nearshore IT Outsourcing offers competitive rates, allowing you to maximize your budget while meeting your goals.

Seamless Collaboration

Build stronger relationships through ease of travel. Face-to-face interactions are within reach, allowing for efficient collaboration.

Diverse Talent Pool

Tap into a diverse and skilled talent pool in our Latin American locations. Acquire top-notch talent without the challenges posed by significant time zone differences.

Lack of In-House Expertise

When your team lacks the specific skills or expertise required for a complex IT project, outsourcing to specialists can ensure the project’s success.

Budget Constrains

When hiring full-time employees for a particular project strains your budget, outsourcing offers a cost-effective alternative without long-term commitments and expedited onboarding.

Need to Focus on
Core Functions

If you want your internal team to concentrate on core functions rather than non-core IT projects, outsourcing allows you to delegate specialized functions to experts.

Unpredictable Workloads

When project demands are unpredictable, outsourcing provides the flexibility to scale resources up or down based on project requirements.

Access to a Diverse
Talent Pool

Experience everything Latin America has to offer.

GovValue provides unmatched access to top-notch talent through our nearshore IT outsourcing services. Experience the advantages of seamless collaboration, cultural alignment, and a shared time zone that fosters real-time collaboration. By choosing GovValue as your trusted nearshore IT outsourcing partner, you not only access a rich talent pool, but also empower your projects with the agility and efficiency that our consultants bring to the table.

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Expertise in +40 Technologies, Platforms and Programming Languages

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