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Other Services2024-04-02T20:25:26+00:00


Secured & Unsecured VTC Implementations2024-03-22T19:28:57+00:00

Our Secured VTC Implementations provide end-to-end encryption, secure protocols, and advanced authentication measures. Ensure that your virtual meetings remain confidential and protected from unauthorized access.

Video Teleconferencing Systems & Closed-Circuit Television2024-03-22T19:29:22+00:00

Facilitate seamless virtual meetings, conferences, and collaborations, while breaking down geographical barriers. Our systems are designed for clarity, reliability, and user-friendly operation, ensuring that your teams stay connected effortlessly.

Value Added Reselling2024-03-22T19:30:02+00:00

We are your strategic partner in acquiring cutting-edge technologies and solutions. As value-added resellers, we bring expertise, customization, and support to every engagement.

Storage and Back Up Solutions2024-03-22T19:30:33+00:00

Our Storage and Back Up Solutions are a robust and secure foundation for safeguarding your critical information. From scalable storage options to automated backup systems, we ensure that your data remains accessible and protected against unforeseen challenges.  

Command & Control Solutions2024-03-22T19:31:04+00:00

Our tailored solutions provide a comprehensive framework for managing and overseeing critical security processes. From streamlining communication to enhancing decision-making, our Command & Control Solutions are designed to optimize operational security. Experience a robust system that adapts to your unique needs, ensuring that you stay in command, always.

Data Center Solutions2024-03-22T19:31:26+00:00

Our Data Center Solutions offer an infrastructure to house and manage your valuable data assets. Whether you are a growing startup or an established enterprise, our scalable solutions provide reliability, security, and efficiency.

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Maximize Your
IT Potential

Our proximity ensures time zone alignment, promoting 
real-time collaboration, quick communication, and reducing delays in project timelines. Tap into a diverse and skilled talent pool to ensure access to professionals with the right expertise and experience. Quality without 
compromising value!

Add Value – Fast!

  • Reduce time and money spent on recruiting and on 
boarding new employees.

  • Fully Screened and Ready to support your goals.

  • Competitive Rate Structure.

Platforms and Tech in Talent Portfolio

Expertise in +40 Technologies, Platforms and Programming Languages

Your strategic 
nearshore partner.

Finding the right talent for your projects 
should not be hard. Expand your talent pool 
to Latin America with our highly qualified 
IT professionals. Our tailored nearshore 
outsourcing solutions will provide seamless 
collaboration, cost-effectiveness, and 
expedited project delivery.

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