Commissioned by the U.S. State Department, GovValue embarked on a mission that transcended borders – a Technical Infrastructure Upgrade for the Caribbean-based law enforcement and trade agency, CARICOM. 

The previous infrastructure needed a significant upgrade to meet the evolving demands of seamless connectivity. The U.S. State Department assigned GovValue with the responsibility to procure, ship, and install a solution that would achieve this task.

Computer technician fixing a network server at the office

National Palace, Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic

GovValue crafted a technical design that formed the backbone of the upgrade – servers, storage, and network components based on the unique technical requirements of CARICOM.

The challenge was not just about upgrading; it was about creating a foundation that would withstand the test of time. 

Additionally, GovValue empowered the end-users with the know-how to navigate and maintain the new infrastructure. CARICOM’s critical operations now flowed seamlessly through a robust and modernized infrastructure. Connectivity became a reality, breathing life into the agency’s capacity for efficient trade and law enforcement operations.

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